Bean and Cheese Burritos

You know those frozen burritos that you can get in the grocery store? My family loves those. We can eat a full package of them just for lunch. We are big eaters, and really there are 12 in a package. There are 4 of us, sometimes as many as 7 for lunch.

I knew I could make them cheaper, but I hadn’t tried it until now. It’s so easy, and takes about 5 minutes to make one. So for ours, since I made about 30 of them, it took about half an hour. In addition to the bean and cheese, I also made some chicken and rice burritos. They make it great to throw in the freezer and since I wrapped them individually, you can grab one to warm up just for you. 🙂

Bean and Cheese Burritos

2 cans of refried beans (we used to cheap cans from the dollar store)

1-2 cups of shredded mexican cheese

1 cup of salsa

2-3 packages of 10″ (or large) tortillas (the amount depends on how tight you wrap them)

Bean and Cheese Burrito ingredients

Bean and Cheese Burrito ingredients

In a large bowl, mix all ingredients. Warm in the microwave about 1 minute until the cheese is melted. Give it one last stir to make sure everything is mixed up.

Bean and Cheese Mixture

Bean and Cheese Mixture

Bean and cheese burritos

Everyone in the pool!


Down the center of a tortilla, spread a 1/4 cup of mixture, leaving room around the edges of the tortilla.  You can add more cheese and/or salsa to taste.

Wrap tortilla by folding the short ends in first. Fold the closest end of the tortilla over the middle and drag it back toward you (not lifting it off the tortilla) until it is tucked firmly against the filling. Roll the tortilla.

When you are done rolling all tortillas, wrap them individually in saran wrap.

Bean and Cheese Burrito in saran wrap

Bean and Cheese Burrito in saran wrap

Place them on a cookie sheet in the freezer to freeze. Place them in large freezer bags, writing the name and date of the tortilla on the outside.

To warm them up, unwrap and place on a plate. Put frozen burrito in the microwave for 1 minute bursts, until warmed through.

I always place them seam up, so in case the filling starts coming out, it doesn’t get stuck to the plate.

However, My favorite way to fix these is to fry them in a little bit of oil…This is a “get in my mouth!” moment. So good.

I think I need to go eat a burrito.


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