Catching up

Well, I had a couple of weeks worth of posts ready to be typed up, but once again, I am lagging behind.

Mom had a few procedures done that were not planned, and her leg surgery got pushed back. By at least 8 months. So, to get everyone caught up:

We now have 2 bottle calves, both bulls right now. It started out as one, but D told dad that Titan was too pretty to eat and now we have Ulysses, who is just as cute and we are on the hunt for a heifer.  😉

I was given 2 roosters, one a barred rock (Doug) and the other a polish crest (Roadrunner). Roadrunner has his own flock out at my sister’s house where he can be happy as a well, a rooster in the hen house. Doug has taken over Bub’s spot here at the farm for my flock of girls. Bub is now in the outdoor run, waiting on either a split in the flock (and a finished coop) or the stockpot. Not sure which, yet. He’s a good rooster but he’s over 2, as are half of the hens. Plus, I think I am out of chickens in the freezer, so it’s about time to restock it.


I had a doe have a miscarriage. We didn’t even know she was pregnant, or when it could have happened. Well, maybe when Sandman got in with the girls that one time. And, of course, both of the lost babies were girls. Sigh. Momma is doing fine, but she was not a goat that I wanted bred, so I will have to move those girls out away from the rest of the herd a little more.

I have managed to make a whole months worth of meals out on a calendar, so let’s see how that goes. I am hoping that it will help me get things ready easier. And it takes away from the “what’s for dinner” question everyday.

We have to really buckle down and eat better. Which for us means both a diabetic and heart healthy way of eating. I started that with a weeks worth of fruit and veggies in the fridge. Well, what I thought would be a weeks worth. We ate a lot of it over the weekend! 🙂

We did have a few new recipes I have to type up and get posted. And a few new soaps and soap related items done, so I have that going for me. The store is coming along.

 Mostly, I am trying to stock some items before I post anything. I’m trying to decide between Square and Etsy. Do any of you use either of those? Which do you recommend?






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