I’m Learning to Sew

Did you ever take home economics? In Jr High, it was a required course for me. I don’t remember the teacher really well, but I do remember that class is where I learned to make fruit pizza. I still remember the smell of that classroom. It’s where I attempted to learn to sew. We were encouraged to make an apron before we started the cooking part of the class.

Mine ended up looking like a goat got a hold of the ends and chomped the bottom off. It was horrible, all uneven and gods awful ugly. I never wore it and I was done with sewing.

Until now. My dad got me a sewing machine for Christmas. It’s an older machine, a Husqvarna, and he paid $35 for it. But I had cold feet and she sat in the closet until we moved in here.

I went online to get a manual, downloaded it and got to work getting to know “Edith” (am I the only one who names their appliances?).

I learned to put the thread on and thread the needle. I even learned how to wind the bobbin. Then I had to find material. Did you know there are about a billion different types of fabric?! Maybe not a billion, I don’t really know. It sure feels like it! There’s cotton, fleece, Lycra, stretchy, not stretchy, denim; you name it. And colors! Anything you want. It’s almost ridiculous!!

I decided to start out easy, so I looked up easy sewing projects on google. So, apparently Google’s idea of easy and mine don’t exactly mesh. I’m thinking like a couple of straight lines. As straight as I can get them anyway, which really means the lines look like a drunken sailor’s walk home. Google wants me to make bandana shirts and bags that carry 500 things with these tiny little pockets. Uhhhhh, no. Not gonna happen.

So I asked a sewing group that I had just joined. They suggested pillow cases. Perfect! Just a couple of lines, straight or not, and I’d be done. A couple of videos later, and I had 4 pillow cases, one for each kid and one for me and Danny.

It was so easy! I made pillows for the kids next, decorative ones to throw on the beds.

Then, I thought, why stop there? We have blinds in our house. You know, the easily broken, white things that all landlords think belong in homes they rent out? I HATE those things. The cats destroyed the living room ones in about 5 seconds. So, curtains it is!

I made matching ones for the two windows in the living room and a different set for the kitchen. Well, that’s not really true. I guess I can’t call them a set. I had some material left from the living room curtains and not quite enough of the kitchen material, so I combined them. It works, my windows are covered, I don’t shock the hell out of the neighbors and I can kind of hide the crazy, so I guess I will keep them. Until I found more awesome fabric that doesn’t match anything in the room I want to use it in. šŸ™‚

Do you sew? If so, what?


If you don’t, do you want to learn?


4 thoughts on “I’m Learning to Sew

    • We are gigantic comic book lovers, so that fit my husband so well! What type of classes do you take? I thought about classes at Joann fabrics, but they seem kind of expensive.

      • There’s a sewing school close by. In the past year I’ve taken course on sewing knits, intermediate sewing, this Wednesday I’m starting a course on sewing details and embellishments (pockets, zippers, cuffs, collars etc). The truth is that even if I’m feeling sew lazy, it motivates me to continue. They can be pricey but during the class I literally don’t get up from the sewing machine for 5 hours (no toilet breaks!) because I don’t want to miss a second šŸ˜‰ I’m a sewing nerd!

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