Rainy Weekend

I did some grocery shopping this morning. Now, that’s not normally a blog worthy sentence, but when I came home, I noticed this on the fridge.


A drawing from Kid2

I don’t know when she actually put it up there over this weekend, but I didn’t notice it until today. We only have the twins every other weekend, but we run them to practices and games as well, so we see them a lot during the week too. This drawing makes me happy, it also makes me realize that moving from the farm was another step forward for us as a family.

Being a step parent isn’t easy, but I kind of got lucky. We have two awesome kids, and while there was a little getting used to each other when we became our family, it was actually pretty seamless.

This weekend, it rained all weekend. So we were kind of forced to stay indoors. It’s really not often that we get a weekend where we aren’t running them to one activity or another, so it was pretty nice! Finding stuff to keep them occupied however, that’s a different story.

We love board games, so we played a couple of those, but most of the weekend the kids either drew or played war (the card game) with Danny. Friday, my niece stayed the night and we built a blanket fort and they watched movies and ate popcorn. There wasn’t any arguing or fighting, it was just a nice family weekend.

What do you do for rainy weekends? How do you keep your kids busy?


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