Dr Visit

If you didn’t know, Danny and I own Brainwashed Soap. It’s a soap company that is all about mental illness. We had a blog, but I’m going to be moving the 2 or 3 posts over here. Mostly, we just want that site to be the store site. This way, I’m only posting to one blog and not getting myself confused. 🙂 All posts moved will be started with….

This post was originally posted on Brainwashed’s blog (on April 27th, 2017)


I’ve been really down lately. I’ve had days where I had small bursts of energy, but mostly I’ve done what had to be done for the day and that was it. A couple of weeks ago, I had a friend die and I just couldn’t pull myself out of the downs. I wasn’t sure whether it was true grief or if I was hitting a slump.

So, yesterday I went to our local mental health center. I really needed to go anyway to get established here in this county, since we moved. I met with an awesome therapist and told her everything she needed to know in order to (basically) check my diagnosis.  She determined I was BPII (which was the same), but that I had suicidal ideation as well as psychosis ideation. She suggested therapy and also a depression group that meets every week.

Anyone who knows me knows the group thing is freaking me out. I’m not a big group type of person. I panick, I have anxiety attacks and generally talk myself out of going to anything there is more than 5 people at.

She also gave me suggestions for sleeping better (or at all). I’m to avoid Facebook and information sites for at least 1/2 an hour before bed. Also, if I’m going to read, she would prefer a real book, but if I read on my tablet or kindle, I have to turn the brightness way down.

I know most people wouldn’t feel comfortable telling other people stuff their therapist said, their diagnosis or treatment, but I’m trying to be as open as possible about this so that we can have honest discussions about mental illness.

So, that’s my week. This weekend it’s supposed to rain, alllllll weekend. So, maybe I can get some more soap made!


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