A little catching up

Time to get a little caught up. I’ve been lazy. 😦

Danny and I decided that we are going to change our eating habits. And, we decided to start this on one of our favorite holidays, Independence Day. Really? Who does that? All that yummy food and no cheat day. But, we also started walking and exercising more. Just one trip around our park is a mile. Which is nice for planning Danny’s jogging route for his test coming up.

We are using the calorie in, calorie out (CICO) just so I don’t have to change everything about our habits. We can still eat what we want to, as long as we have the daily calorie allowance for it. Which makes it really nice for when I want ice cream after our walk! We are going to see how it goes, and then maybe adjust it, if it needs too. I’ve already cut out most carbs just by doing this, as I want the calories for other things. And veggies are usually low calorie. Our water intake has gone up too!

We added swimming in at least once a week, in addition to our walks. We are starting a couch to 5K program next week. We are already doing our mile in less than 20 minutes walking (and that’s with the dog! He can lose some weight too), so running it should be a breeze for Danny.

I got my first cucumber off the vines yesterday morning and had about 10 more in various stages of being ready. Then, the neighbor kid mowed them off. 😦 I had just gotten the trellis thing ready, just hadn’t gotten around to putting them up yet. Guess I should move faster. We have a ton of cherry tomatoes waiting to get ripe and a lot of peppers growing or flowering. I planted a bunch of herbs this year, and let them go to flower to draw the bees in. I have so many ideas for the yard now, just from looking at other people’s close by, that I can’t wait to get started!

We’ve also started meal planning and prep. We’ve always done some kind of planning, for each week we choose our dinners, but we are getting down to the lunches and breakfasts too. We have to be able to stay in our calorie range and to do that, we have to know what to eat. So this week, I prepped a bunch of veggies and smoked sausage for lunch and portioned them out. I can just add a carb to them this way. One day rice, the next potatoes, throw in a yogurt and I’m good for lunch. Danny eats lunch at work, I’m not even sure if he eats breakfast. He gets up stupid early, so I have to find quick, healthy food for him to eat. I made up a bunch of breakfast burritos the other day to use up some veggies that were close to going out, but he needs more variety than I do.

Prepping is the hard part. I have to figure out the meals, then the portions, then cook then store them. I have to get new storage containers that have partitions in them, and a food scale.

I’ll have to write everything down to make a blog post, I just haven’t got it done yet. You’d think we had been busy, but really, it’s just life getting in the way of writing! I’ll try to do better though!


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