15 Ways to Date Your Spouse

Sometimes, it’s the little things. Waking up in the morning next to my best friend, smelling his body spray when he kisses me goodbye as he leaves for work. When he hands me my stuffed bear (Don’t judge. His name is Grizwald and he was one of the first things Danny gave me when we were dating), before he leaves when I’m still in bed. Mostly, it’s the absence of those things that you miss the most. When life gets crazy busy, or you’re stupidly tired, just a little change in the schedule and everything gets all messed up.

Danny gets changed into his uniform at work, so he doesn’t wear his body spray as much in the morning. He works 12 hour shifts, so when he gets home, it’s usually dinner and then bed. Lately, he has been working hella overtime, so it’s even less time at home.

I’ve been told that you just have to deal with it, that’s grown up life. No, I get that. I understand that he works his ass off to provide for us, and if that means that he has to work overtime, great. He loves his job. I love that he has a job that he loves.

What I don’t like, is the disconnect that can happen when you just come home and go to work. When you don’t spend as much time together and you start to take the other person for granted. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy when we get to just chill on the couch and watch tv together.

But, my favorite days are days like today. He doesn’t have to work, there’s no overtime today (He just finished a 7 day in a row stretch) and he got to sleep in. We got to spend time together, we talk and joke and leave each other silly little notes on the chalkboard. We have plans to finally use a gift card we’ve had forever to go to the movies!

So, Danny and I have resolved to date our spouse. Seriously. It’s so easy to start taking each other for granted. This is our way of showing that we still appreciate the other person. It doesn’t need to be an all out date like the flowers and dinner (although that is certainly an idea!). Danny and I like to just hang out together, outside of the house. We go window shopping, walking around town, little things to just spend time together. It’s not about going out every weekend, spending a ton of money or looking for expensive things to do! You can make it once a month, every other weekend, or even every week. It’s what ever works for you!

Here’s a few ideas. Some of these we have done, some we want to do.

  1. Each of you make a list of the top 10 things you like to do. Take turns doing one for each date night.
  2. Always classic date night: Dinner and a movie.
  3. Window shopping. Walk around the mall or your favorite stores and add things to a wish list for your house or a favorite room.
  4. Take a class together. You can do cooking classes, or painting or even beer making classes. Check out your local arts center for ideas. If you’re short on money, many like ours, will provide scholarships.
  5. Along those lines, start a new hobby together. Take an advanced (or beginner) cooking class together, or learn to dance!
  6. Go to one of those wine and painting classes. They provide the paint supplies and a class to paint a canvas image and you provide your own beverage, usually.
  7. Build a fort in the living room and watch movies all night long. Remember when you used to do that as kids or for your kids? Why let them have all the fun?
  8. Game night. We love board games. Set up an evening with snacks and one or two board games (you could even buy a new one) that you love to play. If you’re lucky, like we are, we have a place here that rents out board games to try!
  9. Beer/wine tastings. We have quite a few good wineries around Lawrence, or you could make a day trip to one of the KC breweries to sample the beer.
  10. Take a day trip. Pick somewhere fairly close to home, within a 2 hour drive. Discover the towns, hit up the hot spots, play tourist! Take a ton of pictures and come home exhausted. 😉
  11. Swing on the swings at the park.
  12. Play a game of hide and seek, or tag.
  13. Bake together. Make a cake, or cupcakes, or bread. You can eat it together later, for dessert.
  14. Dance. It doesn’t matter if you have moves like Channing or are still doing the sprinkler, just move.
  15. Have a picnic. It can be in your living room or outside.

It really doesn’t matter what you do, it’s the spending time together that counts. Enjoy each other’s company, and have fun!


A little catching up

Time to get a little caught up. I’ve been lazy. 😦

Danny and I decided that we are going to change our eating habits. And, we decided to start this on one of our favorite holidays, Independence Day. Really? Who does that? All that yummy food and no cheat day. But, we also started walking and exercising more. Just one trip around our park is a mile. Which is nice for planning Danny’s jogging route for his test coming up.

We are using the calorie in, calorie out (CICO) just so I don’t have to change everything about our habits. We can still eat what we want to, as long as we have the daily calorie allowance for it. Which makes it really nice for when I want ice cream after our walk! We are going to see how it goes, and then maybe adjust it, if it needs too. I’ve already cut out most carbs just by doing this, as I want the calories for other things. And veggies are usually low calorie. Our water intake has gone up too!

We added swimming in at least once a week, in addition to our walks. We are starting a couch to 5K program next week. We are already doing our mile in less than 20 minutes walking (and that’s with the dog! He can lose some weight too), so running it should be a breeze for Danny.

I got my first cucumber off the vines yesterday morning and had about 10 more in various stages of being ready. Then, the neighbor kid mowed them off. 😦 I had just gotten the trellis thing ready, just hadn’t gotten around to putting them up yet. Guess I should move faster. We have a ton of cherry tomatoes waiting to get ripe and a lot of peppers growing or flowering. I planted a bunch of herbs this year, and let them go to flower to draw the bees in. I have so many ideas for the yard now, just from looking at other people’s close by, that I can’t wait to get started!

We’ve also started meal planning and prep. We’ve always done some kind of planning, for each week we choose our dinners, but we are getting down to the lunches and breakfasts too. We have to be able to stay in our calorie range and to do that, we have to know what to eat. So this week, I prepped a bunch of veggies and smoked sausage for lunch and portioned them out. I can just add a carb to them this way. One day rice, the next potatoes, throw in a yogurt and I’m good for lunch. Danny eats lunch at work, I’m not even sure if he eats breakfast. He gets up stupid early, so I have to find quick, healthy food for him to eat. I made up a bunch of breakfast burritos the other day to use up some veggies that were close to going out, but he needs more variety than I do.

Prepping is the hard part. I have to figure out the meals, then the portions, then cook then store them. I have to get new storage containers that have partitions in them, and a food scale.

I’ll have to write everything down to make a blog post, I just haven’t got it done yet. You’d think we had been busy, but really, it’s just life getting in the way of writing! I’ll try to do better though!


 I have PCOS. If you’ve never heard of it, don’t feel bad. It stands for polycystic ovarian syndrome, and as many as 1 in 10 women have it. The too long, didn’t read (tl;dr) explanation is that it causes havoc with our hormones, causes infertility and excess hair, and leaves a string of cysts on our ovaries. You do not have to have cysts on your ovaries to be diagnosed, but blood tests and ultrasounds should be ordered. 

The long version is that it is an endocrine disorder that is caused by high level of men’s hormones. Excess testosterone causes excess hair growth(face, arms and breasts are most common), lowering of the voice and missed periods. Infertility is caused by not being able to release eggs due to high male hormone levels. 

Your body is supposed to release an egg every month. With PCOS, your egg doesn’t actually leave the ovary to go down the tube, it sticks to the ovary and becomes a cyst. These cysts release more androgens into your system.  

There are other problems as well. Horrible stomach pains, associated with cysts on the ovaries, sometimes caused by an cyst “popping”. Awful periods, when your body decides to work right. Or having to take pills to force a period, which is then another awful, pain filled time in which your body empties itself of all the buildup from when you didn’t have a period. 

Insulin resistance, a whole different issue with a whole different set of problems.  Obesity is a huge issue, since our bodies don’t metabolize insulin right. According to Wikipedia, 50 to 80% of women with PCOS have insulin resistance. 

There is no cure for PCOS, no matter what anyone tells you. You can treat the symptoms, but as a whole, there isn’t anything that works. So, how do you do that? Birth control pills to control your period, medicine to control your hair growth, and there are medicines for infertility. Diet and weight loss help tremendously with PCOS symptoms.

 The best thing to do is talk to your doctor. An endocrinologist is probably the best doctor to see, since this is an endocrine disorder. 

I was diagnosed when I was 16. The cysts on my ovaries come and go, sometimes more than others. I just recently found out I have insulin resistance. Danny and I don’t eat terrible, but our diet could use some work. Especially now! So, I’ve been doing some research, but most of the diet stuff is stuff I already know, since diabetes runs in my family. I’ll start sharing some of it here, and over on facebook, as well. We’ve really started eating more fruits and vegetables, and cooking more at home.

Do you have any healthy foods that are your favorites? Do you have any tips for staying on track with eating better?

Rainy Weekend

I did some grocery shopping this morning. Now, that’s not normally a blog worthy sentence, but when I came home, I noticed this on the fridge.


A drawing from Kid2

I don’t know when she actually put it up there over this weekend, but I didn’t notice it until today. We only have the twins every other weekend, but we run them to practices and games as well, so we see them a lot during the week too. This drawing makes me happy, it also makes me realize that moving from the farm was another step forward for us as a family.

Being a step parent isn’t easy, but I kind of got lucky. We have two awesome kids, and while there was a little getting used to each other when we became our family, it was actually pretty seamless.

This weekend, it rained all weekend. So we were kind of forced to stay indoors. It’s really not often that we get a weekend where we aren’t running them to one activity or another, so it was pretty nice! Finding stuff to keep them occupied however, that’s a different story.

We love board games, so we played a couple of those, but most of the weekend the kids either drew or played war (the card game) with Danny. Friday, my niece stayed the night and we built a blanket fort and they watched movies and ate popcorn. There wasn’t any arguing or fighting, it was just a nice family weekend.

What do you do for rainy weekends? How do you keep your kids busy?

New changes

It was a pretty tough end of the year. We lost a lot of the goats, sold others off. We also had a hell of a time making ends meet. 6 to 7 people in one area is a lot of people, and a lot of expenses. Plus while we have the twins, it was way overcrowded and just not enough room for all of us. Danny got a new job making good money, and insurance! We just couldn’t keep up with all the bills the farm had. The electrical bill alone was outrageous.

Danny and I made the decision to move back to Lawrence. We now own our very own home. We bought a single wide trailer, close to his parents and not too far from the kids. We found out we already knew our neighbors as well. One currently works with Danny and the other used to. It’s made it a lot easier to get used to the neighborhood when you know the people you live around.

I toyed with the idea of not renewing the website, of letting it go. But, I also realized I am doing way more house stuff now than I did at the farm, so maybe we should chronicle what we are doing.

We have some pretty big plans for the house, including redoing the kitchen and our bathroom.

So, instead of a farm blog, this will be our home blog. We will still have some farm related things, after all, I still have a couple of goats at the farm. But, this will mostly be about the stuff we have going on in our every day life, how to get/stay organized, recipes, some sewing stuff. Anyway, welcome to our new home!

Catching up

Well, I had a couple of weeks worth of posts ready to be typed up, but once again, I am lagging behind.

Mom had a few procedures done that were not planned, and her leg surgery got pushed back. By at least 8 months. So, to get everyone caught up:

We now have 2 bottle calves, both bulls right now. It started out as one, but D told dad that Titan was too pretty to eat and now we have Ulysses, who is just as cute and we are on the hunt for a heifer.  😉

I was given 2 roosters, one a barred rock (Doug) and the other a polish crest (Roadrunner). Roadrunner has his own flock out at my sister’s house where he can be happy as a well, a rooster in the hen house. Doug has taken over Bub’s spot here at the farm for my flock of girls. Bub is now in the outdoor run, waiting on either a split in the flock (and a finished coop) or the stockpot. Not sure which, yet. He’s a good rooster but he’s over 2, as are half of the hens. Plus, I think I am out of chickens in the freezer, so it’s about time to restock it.


I had a doe have a miscarriage. We didn’t even know she was pregnant, or when it could have happened. Well, maybe when Sandman got in with the girls that one time. And, of course, both of the lost babies were girls. Sigh. Momma is doing fine, but she was not a goat that I wanted bred, so I will have to move those girls out away from the rest of the herd a little more.

I have managed to make a whole months worth of meals out on a calendar, so let’s see how that goes. I am hoping that it will help me get things ready easier. And it takes away from the “what’s for dinner” question everyday.

We have to really buckle down and eat better. Which for us means both a diabetic and heart healthy way of eating. I started that with a weeks worth of fruit and veggies in the fridge. Well, what I thought would be a weeks worth. We ate a lot of it over the weekend! 🙂

We did have a few new recipes I have to type up and get posted. And a few new soaps and soap related items done, so I have that going for me. The store is coming along.

 Mostly, I am trying to stock some items before I post anything. I’m trying to decide between Square and Etsy. Do any of you use either of those? Which do you recommend?






I just wanted to send out a quick note. We are upgrading our website, and switching over to a self hosted site! Yay us! So please bear with us if something looks strange or if I mess something up.
If you do see something weird, holler at me, and I will try to get it fixed asap!
Thanks for your patience!

Losing a pet

It’s been so hot. I really dislike this time of year. I told Danny the other day, that summer can leave now. 96 degrees is too hot for this country girl. Things tend to not get done outside until the evening, or I get up earlier trying to beat the heat.

My cat was sick. She was a part of my family for 14 years, and at the beginning of the month, we had to make the decision to have her put down. Sometimes, when it’s a farm animal, something you’ve raised to be eaten, if you have to make that decision, it can be a little easier. But, when it’s a pet, it seems to be the hardest decision you will ever make.

I’m not saying that either decision is easy by any means. I’m prepared though for it when it comes to butchering animals. It’s expected of that animal. I raise them for that. They live a good life being loved and cared for. This is a working farm, that is how we feed ourselves.

It kind of put me in a funk. I didn’t really want to do much of anything. I mean, it was hard for me to let her go, and the guilt. Holy shit. I’m still feeling it. If I had just spent more time over with her and the other animals, maybe I could have caught it earlier. I don’t know. But, it’s something that I have to deal with.

We had her cremated. I have to pick up her ashes on Monday. I know that some people think that’s weird, but I really don’t give a shit. My animals are my family. My favorite, oldest dog, my protector and best friend, is buried here on the farm. She spent most of her life here and it seemed fitting.

Dandi was willing to go wherever we took her, she loved riding in the car, sleeping in the back window. She was my cuddle cat, always in your lap and loved to lay with you while you were reading, or playing video games. It wasn’t a matter of what you were doing as long as she could be with you.

Dandi and Danny

Cat cuddles!

I’m going to miss her. I do miss her. But, it’s time to get stuff done. I don’t have pretty words to give her or you, or even myself. She deserved them though. It’s hard losing a pet, it’s even harder to lose a friend. We take them for granted, thinking they will always be there, and when they aren’t, it’s a hard loss to deal with.


I love you, Dandi girl.

Winter is coming

So, I was sitting here on my day off, catching up on all the Game of Thrones that I’ve missed (I’ve read all the books, so really I just watch for Kit Harington), and thinking I have so much to do.

I went to feed the goats some hay the other day and figured out where the chickens are laying the eggs. There was a nice little nest with 9 eggs in it! But then Donna tells me today that she found a huge nest with eggs in it by the woodpile. Going to have to grab those in the morning.

Winter has finally decided to come to Kansas. We are expected to get ice tonight and snow tomorrow. Yay…..can you hear the sarcasm?

I don’t know how I am not prepared. It’s not like winter comes every year or anything. Right? I have to figure out fence still! I work about 9 days in a row, soooo yep. That’ll be easy.