Danny and I raise Lops and American rabbit breeds.

We are a small family farm, so we use our rabbits for meat. We breed Americans specifically for preservation of the breed. If any animal doesn’t meet the Standard of Perfection (SOP), we use it for meat. In this way we can ensure that only the best of our animals are used to bring recognition to this amazing rare breed.

Americans are a mandolin shape and the third rarest breed of rabbits on the Livestock Conservancy List. Only two of the current three colors are listed as recognized by the ARBA, Blue and White. They are large rabbits, does getting about 12 pounds while the bucks can get up to 11. Their fur is soft and can be used for all sorts of crafts.

Our lops are bred for meat and pets. Most of them are sold to families looking for a smaller breed of rabbit to keep as inside pets. Lop rabbits have ears that do not stand up, but hang along the sides of their heads. There are many types of lops, but we have mini and Holland here on the farm. Unlike our Americans, the lops are not pedigreed and are not available for show.



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